#BetterBusiness is Possible

#BetterBusiness is Possible

Better business is possible. Find out how we do it.

Business as usual is boring

That’s bad news for those who want to do things by the book. The brave, new world doesn’t have a lot of room for tired, lazy thinking. So we’re committed not to. That’s why we’re a B Corp.

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#BetterBusiness is balancing profit and purpose

In honour of B Corp Month, we thought it was time for a little reminder of why #BetterBusiness is the path forward.

#BetterBusiness is creating a company that’s built around core values. This is why, as a Certified B Corporation™, we’ve embedded them into our business. Together with the global B Corp community, we believe in putting people and planet before profit and that business should be a force for good.

To maintain our B Corp certified status, we verify and update our score every three years, measuring our performance and improvement in five categories: governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment. 

The strict assessment makes sure we meet the highest standards of transparency and legal accountability every time.

Want to see how we scored? In the spirit of transparency, our B Impact Report is publicly available.

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There Is No Planet B… Yet.

We’ve always tried to do our part to make sure our environmental impact is minimised. We use carbon neutral delivery services in Australia, solar energy in production, and a much smaller carbon footprint to begin with. But we felt that wasn't enough. Businesses have carbon footprints many times bigger than individuals so we need to know that we are putting back what we take out. Then we need to take it a step further and give back more than we’ve taken.

We’ve taken several steps, working with different partners, to make sure we uphold our overarching commitment to leave the planet better than we found it.

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