Customer Highlight: Creatives in Action

Have you ever seen someone wearing a piece of clothing you also have, but they've styled it in a way that's completely their own? The contents of a notebook is something like that. We've all been taught to read and write, and some of us can draw too, but what we choose to fill our notebooks with are as unique as our fingerprints.

While many of us use notebooks for notes or tasks, many others like to put their distinct creative flair on their pages. Art is when human skill meets creative imagination, and these certainly reflect that. Check out how some members of the Karst Community are filling / using their stone paper notebooks! You'll be blown away and maybe even a little inspired.

User @susi.bue creates occasional beautiful graphite drawings in her Blank Hardcover Notebook. Occasional drawings, that is. Definitely always beautiful.

Featured below is another first sketch in the Blank Hardcover Notebook from user @synistral We're all familiar with the funny hesitation felt when starting a brand new notebook, maybe a drawing on the first page is the way to go!

Here's some inspiration for a first page from @jal.studies. She's used her Dot Grid Hardcover in Navy as a bullet journal. The bujo community is growing very quickly, always managing to put a cute and creative twist on what is ultimately an extremely functional tool.

In contrast, this origami dragon made by @papertigerfolding may not be as functional as a bujo spread, but it's definitely just as eyecatching. We've never seen stone paper used for origami but loved James' insights. Check out his page to hear his thoughts on the medium.

On a slightly related note, origami does have very useful applications in science, specifically gene coding.

Tap here to check out more ways the Karst Community is using our notebooks! Please feel free to tag @karst.stonepaper on Instagram in your notebook spreads, origami, anything at all!