Going Beyond: Celebrating B Corp Month

Going Beyond: Celebrating B Corp Month

As B Corp month rolls around once again, we're excited to celebrate the theme of "Going Beyond" and share how we've been championing the B Corp values.

What’s a B Corp?

New here? That’s okay.

Since launching in 2006, B Labs have been verifying companies that meet the highest social and environmental performance standards, transparency, and accountability. There are now over 6000 B Corps in 89 countries, and we are proud to be one of them.

Our score just went up

Companies must undergo the recertification process every three years to maintain their B Corp status. During the process, performance is assessed in areas such as governance, worker treatment, environmental practices, and community engagement.

Having just received our recertification, we are delighted to announce our improved impact score of 97.9. For reference, the qualifying score to become a certified B Corp is 80.0 and the median business score is 50.9.

B Corp celebrates transparency, and you can learn more about our new score on the 'Find a B Corp' section of the B Lab website.

Read our full impact score here.

Karst Stone Paper

Facts and Figures

You might have seen these before. But they are still true, and we are still proud of them. 

Compared to regular pulp paper, each metric tonne of Karst Stone Paper saves:

950 kilograms of CO2: Equivalent to a road trip from LA to NYC.

4720 kilowatts of energy: Equivalent to powering 990 homes for an hour.

2770 litres of water: Equivalent to 50 months of water consumption per person.

18 large timber trees: Could absorb 864 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Going Beyond

To celebrate this year's B Corp theme of'Going Beyond' we wanted to share how Karst is using business as a source for good.

Carbon Neutral: Our paper has a carbon footprint that’s about 60% smaller than traditional pulp paper. By partnering with Carbon Neutral Karst has been able to offset the rest of our footprint. So far we have offset 132+ TONNES OF C02.

One Tree Planted: We plant a tree with the One Tree Planted foundation for every website order we receive. Thanks to their fantastic work, we have been part of a global community contributing to reforestation and helped support their overall planting of 180,600 trees across Guatemala and Haiti.

Cradle to Cradle: Cradle to Cradle Certified™" is a globally recognised measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy. Only those who uphold the highest standards of environmental responsibility can achieve a C2C Certification. Karst is a C2C Silver certified company.

World Literacy Foundation: Each year we flip days like Black Friday on its head and put people before profit. That means taking our discounts and turning them into donations for causes we are passionate about. That includes the World Literacy Foundation.

This global a non-profit organisation strives to ensure that every child regardless of geographic location has the opportunity to acquire literacy skills and books to reach their full potential – succeeding at school and beyond. We think that’s a pretty cool thing to support and we gladly support them with donations(and notebooks too).

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