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As we close out the year, a lot of people may be feeling tired and lacking focus. Here are a few of our favourite ways to recharge and tide us all over until the first of the next month:

Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, is self-explanatory and wildly popular. A good read, or reread (in our case). Try it if you haven’t. If you don’t want to, listen to this episode of Hidden Brain called “You 2.0: Deep Work” featuring Mr. Newport.

Try taking the VIA Survey of Character Strengths, from the University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness Center. It might give you some insight into what kind of activities might allow you to enter a state of flow and focus.

Some of us don’t have very much impulse control with our cellphones, our muscle memory makes us open and reopen Instagram even after we just closed it! This episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask explains the science behind tech addiction.