Premium luxury sketchbooks made from stone paper.

A4 Sketchbook


These expertly-crafted sketchbooks are made by creatives for creatives, to be the most versatile sketchbook ever. Equipped with thick, durable sheets of 240 gsm stone paper and thread-bound in a hard-back cover, these sketchbooks are perfect for any artistic endeavour.


Premium luxury notebooks made from stone paper.

From the ground up. Literally.

Made from 100% sustainably recycled stone, and without any bleaches or acids, Karst Stone Paper™ is rebuilt from first principles to be better than wood-pulp paper: more durable, more sustainable, and infinitely smoother to write, scribble, doodle or draw on. If there's a better way to make paper, we haven’t found it. And if we do, we’ll be sure to let you know.