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2021 Daily Planner Set (Limited Edition)

Our tree-free 2021 Daily Planner is a unique, two-volume planning system designed to maximise your growth, productivity, and motivation in the next year ahead. Experience a year of continuous goal-setting, self-reflection, and daily motivation quotes, all while having ample space to plan and write your to-dos. With 12 monthly themes designed for a holistic sense of accomplishment and growth, set success in stone for 2021. *Ships Early January 2021



In stock and ready to ship


Like the unique stone paper material it’s made from, our 2021 Daily Planner is designed with intention. We’ve taken the best of goal-setting & self-improvement planners and meshed them with the simplicity of our original stone paper notebooks to create this Two Volume Set. This set breaks the year into convenient six-month increments, with hand-selected self-improvement themes and motivational quotes every day.


  • • Colour: Ebony
  • • Quantity: 2 Volumes
  • • Cover: Hard
  • • Format: Day Per Page
  • • Size: 148 x 210mm, 5.8 x 8.3"
  • • Pages: 194 Pages Per Volume
  • • Weight: 120 Microns (144 gsm)
  • • Detail: Storage & Display Case, Back Pocket, leaflet and Ribbon
  • • No bleed-through of ink through paper


  • • In stock and ready to ship.
  • • Worldwide Shipping.
  • • Orders ship within 24 hours on weekdays.
  • • All orders shipped from US, Europe & Australia.
  • • Delivery time quoted in business days.

2021. Set it in stone.

  • 12 Monthly Themes

    Hand-selected themes for each month of the year to challenge and inspire. Create your vision, break bad habits, learn new skills and simplify your life one month at a time.

  • Daily quotes to motivate

    Hundreds of quotes selected from today’s biggest innovators and pioneers. Designed to align with each month’s focus to inspire you and provide encouragement every single day.

  • Weekly & monthly reflection questions

    Get a chance to regroup, reflect, learn and improve at the end of every week, and the start of every month. Studies show regular self-reflection can contribute up to 25% improvement in performance.

  • Make goal setting a habit

    Sections to set your main daily goal so you can always keep your highest impact tasks in view while working toward your dreams, step-by-step.

The perfect productivity system for 2021.

Made to capture the thoughts, ideas and insights that’ll serve as tomorrow’s inspiration, and the tasks and to-dos that will shape today. Our planners are designed to poke, prod, motivate, stimulate, and support you through another new year, while you steer the ship. Split in two 6-month increments, travel light when on the go, but still have plenty of space for your tasks and to-dos with a day-per-page layout.

12 themes. 2 volumes. 1 planner.

With monthly themes like Strengthen Habits, Live Simply, Create Vision and Practice Gratitude, you’ll make real progress in 12 different aspects of your life, for an all-rounded sense of achievement and fulfilment by years’ end. And because it’s made of Karst Stone Paper™️, it’s completely waterproof. So your morning coffee can’t ruin your eureka moment, and the rain can’t steal your thunder.

Plan less, do more.

Our signature 12-month self-improvement system now comes in the form of a Daily Planner. With a roomy day-per-page layout, new hand-selected daily quotes, and a never-before-seen Two Volume format, our Daily Planner is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to plan easy, do more, and focus on what really matters.

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