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Artist Bundle

Curated by Karst for you. Channel your inner Picasso with the Artist Bundle. Watch as your doodles and sketches transform into works of art. You won’t be able to take your pencil off the page as you shade and sketch on our grain-free, waterproof stone paper. Turn drawing into a truly satisfying and mesmerising tactile experience. A $122 USD value. Get this bundle for $100 USD.




Our tree-free bundle of drawing tools will delight and excite any artist, whether they are just starting out or have honed their skills for years. Our unique, smooth, and waterproof paper will serve as a forever home for anything they create, even with accidents and spills. The Artist Bundle is perfect for anyone looking to unleash their creativity. A $122 USD value. Get this bundle for $100 USD.


  • $122 USD Value. Get this bundle for $100 USD.
  • • Woodless Artist Pencils
  • • Stone Paper Sketchpad
  • • Woodless Graphite Pencils
  • • For additional information, check each item's product page.


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